Best Ping Service Site List Ever to Index your Content Faster

Free Ping Service Site
What is a ping in blogging? In simple words, it’s a process that you inform all search engines and the world that your blog has been updated. It’s very important to keep your blog updated daily to drive more visitors, but I don’t prefer update your blog with name sake content in order to post a quality content. So here we provide some great free ping sites online help search engine web crawler discover your content faster than ever.

Add Google AdSense Ad Below the Jump Break on Blogger

how to use adsense placement
Why you blog? Well, probably you may be answered you blog for money. So if you depend on Google AdSense as your main income, I just want to remember you are going to earn nothing if your AdSense ad placement is wrong. So I am damn sure that this post is going to help guys those who seek to increase AdSense Click Through Rate (CTR) as well as looking an apt place for adding banner ads without bothering your blog readers. Are you ready? Let's begin.

How to Better Know your Customers with your Blog

boost blog traffic
Every bloggers, including me prefer to provide the best customer support to our customers or visitors. But before that, you should have really know about the behavior of your customers is essential to optimize your platform. Once mounting a blog you need be aligned together with your audience, to meet and adapt to their needs. However, here we provide some tips to know your customers with your own blog or website and better handle with them!

Customize Default Blogger Scrollbar to Gmail Like Scrollbar

gmail like scrollbar for blogger
Are you tired of seeing your default Blogger scrollbar at all the time? You may have probably noticed Gmail scrollbar while you're in Gmail account. As you know it seems at the right side of the screen and majority of bloggers use this scrollbar to scroll down the page instead of mouse's Scroll wheel. So let me tell you how you can make your blog by implementing more attractive and user friendly a customized Gmail style scrollbar with hover effect.

How to Add a jQuery Slideshow as Blogger Background

jQuery Slideshow as Blogger Background
Blogger allows every users to customize the look of their blogs. In case of Blogger Background pictures will utterly rework the design of a blog from uninteresting to attention-grabbing. There're many sites that offers free templates and backgrounds. But do you ever think of adding a Slideshow as Blogger background? It's possible with a jQuery plug-in known as BackStretch helps you create slideshow background without losing the dimension of the display.

The Best Image Editors of 2013 You Should Try

10 Best Free and Paid Image Editors
Many Bloggers would like a photo or image editor to figure on their projects. Whereas some want one thing additional skilled (designers, photographers, etc.) others need a tool a trifle inexpert. Presently there're several free image editors, with that you'll be able to create a variety of changes and modify photos with some expertness. The toughest part is selecting which even the most effective image editor to figure.

Improve SEO Via Customizing Header Tag for Post Title

Header tags for post title SEO
Every Bloggers desire is to boost their traffic and make money. But Search Engine Optimization determines your ranking if youre following wrong heading tag structure for your post title. So, its not a good practice for having more than one H1 tag per page, especially for post pages. If you wanna follow HTML standards, having multiple H1 tags is not recommended; its just because of Search Engines follow HTML standards. So try to use the heading tags the right way.